Catering Menu


Palisades Garden Café

Contact the catering manager direct @
310-699-9234 or Text
Please DO NOT call the café
Email Preferred

(Minimum One Dozen)

(Minimum order 10 whole or 20 halves or 20 tacos)
(Choices – Bacon, Sausage, Turkey Bacon, Avocado)

Ciabatta Pesto Sandwiches, Wraps, and Regular Sandwich Platters

(minimum order varies)

Coffee and Tea (regular or decaf)
(Coffee Includes half & half, sugars, cups, & stirrers)
(Tea includes Assorted Tea bags, sugars, cups, & stirrers)
Box (Disposable) – $19 (8 – 12 oz cups)
Air pot ($10 Deposit with Return) – $25 (10 cups)
Thermal (return after use) – $125 (50 cups)

Hot Chocolate
(Includes whip cream and cups)
Box (Disposable) – $25 (8 – 12 oz cups)
Thermal (return after use) – $160 (50 cups)

*Other Drinks available
Orange Juice /Apple Juice
Milk Tea / Thai Tea Iced
Lemonade / Iced Tea / Arnold Palmer
Iced Water in dispenser

Some Items may need to be placed several days in advance.
Gluten Free Bread – $2 extra
Plates and Utensils – $0.25 per person
Serving Tongs or Spoons – $1 each
Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.